This is, mostly, the first in the list of Frequently asked questions, by all the Pet Parents.Yes. It is safer to travel by air. All airline’s staff and their respective supporting teams on the ground are well trained to handle pets with due care and diligence. Besides many airlines have set up state of the art pet hostels inside the Animal Lounges at their Hub stations with qualified animal handles and experienced veterinarians.

This is not recommended.This could pose a high risk to your pet when flying at high altitudes.Many airlines do not accept pets for carriage, if sedated.

Pets will be loaded in the cargo holds, located below the passenger cabins.These holds will be pressurized and ambient temperature will be maintained through-out the journey.The flight kennel will be securely strapped down to the floor, stopping any movements

It is better to feed the pet about 6 hours before the flight and small amount of

Water up to 2 to 4 hours of the flight.Take the pet for a long walk before handing over to airlines.

We have been relocating pets, since 2000 to various countries world-wide.

And also assisting pet parents, relocating to India with their pets for employment or for good

Unfortunately, the documentation requirement is not the same universally except some common documents like vaccination records and health certificates. It is better that you contact one of our Pet Specialists for correct guidance

Please refer to:

In case you have any difficulties in taking the measurements of your pet or doubtful about the measurements taken by you, pl contact us. One of our pet specialists will assist you.

It is very important that the kennel should be associated with something pleasant to your pet and you should give them enough time to explore the kennel on their own. Pl do not hurry up and get the pet frightened of the kennel.

When you introduce the kennel to your pet, pl remove the grill door and encourage the pet to go in and stay for short time and treat them with goodies when they come out.

You may place their blanket or plaything inside the kennel.You may keep feeding your pet, initially, near the kennel and slowly inside the kennel.It may take few weeks for them to get rid of the fear and anxiety and start staying in the kennel for longer time.

Firstly, check the integrity of the company.A call to the Animal department of any airline will help you to get the facts.

​Secondly, the number of years in pet relocation and volume of pets handled And their success rate.

​Thirdly, the expertise and strength of pet team.Pet Relocation is a team work and presence of a strong and qualified pet team in any company is a guarantee for a stress- free relocation of your pet.

​Lastly, the additional strength of the company, like, being a accredited cargo agents of IATA, holding Customer Broker’s License, qualified in professional courses and being a member of Pet Relocation Associations like, IPATA & ATA.


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