Terms and Conditions

By engaging the services of  Global Cargo Services Pvt Ltd ( Global Pet Relocation) you are agreeing to accept the following terms and conditions:


  • Our primary role is limited to act as an agent of airlines in order to liaison between the airlines and the pet parents. The airlines, being the Principal, will remain responsible for any cancellations & delays of flights and rejections of pet shipment due to any reason.


  • Under this circumstances GCS will not be  responsible for the decision of the airlines. However, GCS will try and make all efforts to mitigate such problems.


  • While GCS will take all necessary precaution and utmost care for the safety and welfare of the pets during the entire the process, GCS and its representatives, will not be held responsible for any loss, injury or death due to natural causes and reasons beyond their control.


  • Please be informed that many of the pets will undergo stress and anxiety to some extent during the transportationeither by air or by road. You do allow our team to handle your pet transportation, fully understanding this fact and its implications on the pet.


  • All quotation provided by GCS is based on the prevailing air tariff and is subject to change if there is a change in airline’s policy/tariff. The charges will be billed as per the actual

airline’s charges at the time of booking confirmation. Rates / space is subject to airlines confirmation.


  • It is Pet Parent’s responsibility to make sure that the travel kennel confirms to the specification and requirements of IATA and concerned airlines. Final acceptance of the travel crate will solely be the discretion of airline. If airline recommends to change the size of the travel kennel or make alteration, their decision will be binding on the Pet Parent and the increase in the freight and other charges will have to be borne by the pet parent.


  • All expenses and charges, payable at the destinationairportare to be borne by the owner, unless stated otherwise.


  • We reserve the right to engage an experienced pet handles at extra cost and/or demand the presence of someone quite familiar with the pet, if the pet is found to be very aggressive and stubborn.


  • It is agreed that, GCS reserves all rights to post the details of the relocation along with pictures, on all our social media platform